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At the age of 16, Jean-Michel Guidez began working life as a turner in a factory of agricultural machinery. Cinema projectionist in his village of Cambrai the weekend, he soon discovered a passion for the image. During his military service in Senegal, he is given the movie theater. Back in France, he learns that the ORTF recruits projectionists. It is engaged and is found in Amiens alongside a nursery of young journalists to become famous names: Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Henri Sannier, Daniel Bilalian. In 1970, the TV worked on the principle of the film and soon Jean-Michel is passionate about the business editor.

After a training course of one year in Paris, he returned to Amiens and Lille, where in 1978 he joined the team of the news. He made a brief incursion by the production, where he met Daniel Karlin, who he knows an amazing experience, living six months at the rate of the hospital of Armentières to mount a series of twelve chronicles 52 minutes about this place. Then he finds the JT and has a passion for new assembly technologies. The amateur cycling past of this former licensee of AC Avesnes-les-Aubert will take him to four days of Dunkerque where he met sports journalist Jean-René Godard. Then he engages in the Tour de France and the Dakar, riding a daily summary of the stage. Then it will be the Athens Olympics, Albertville, Sydney.

Editor at France Télévisions

In the 90s, it will be the accomplice of Henri Sannier on major raids of the telethon. It will make Bordeaux-Paris, Berlin, Paris, London-Paris alongside Antoine de Caunes, Marc Toesca, Patrick Chêne and Jean Mamère, surrounded by pros Castorama team like Thierry Marie. In 2000, he joined the sports department of France Televisions, becoming one of the pioneers of virtual editing. "The advantage when you go on major operations is that you are boosted, you can not go on the tour or on the Dakar to 80%. During my first Dakar, I was leading off, physically it's very hard. I could have gone a few more years but, not wanting to go with the image of someone who planted a summary, the pressure and the stress made me retire. "

That's when it favors biking and became a volunteer for the VC Roubaix. He creates videos regional races no longer covered by the media, that post on dailymotion. A boon to cyclists who are struggling to do about them. "A champion has inevitably ran errands and that the media discovered when he wins the great trials. That is why I am attached to the summary of these amateur races. That's how I filmed and Arnaud Démare Peter Sagan, the best French hope, on Paris-Roubaix juniors. "In parallel, Jean-Michel Guide travels 10,000 kilometers a year," because to speak well, we must have suffered on a bike. "

Today, after fifteen laps France seven Paris-Dakar, seven Olympic Games, Jean-Michel Guide prefers films where the human is its heart. Cycle races, but also the demolition of the towers of Pacot-Vandracq or lowering the steeple of the church by the Bourg Saint-Nicolas to the top. In total, 171 videos have been viewed more than 360,000 times on the Internet, or an average of 2000 views per film.

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